Friday, December 15, 2017

Massive silver ring, tree bark textured wide band. Jewelry design by Arctida.

New bling bling for the boys in my shop! This time it is a hand carved massive silver ring with tree bark texture for men or for the ladies who like wide bands. Its made of fine silver 999 and I can make it in any size or as wide/small as one might desire :)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Cloisonné Enamel fine silver blue green Mosaic pendant. Handmade enameled jewelry by Arctida.

I've been wanting to try enameling for a some time now and so when the opportunity arose I had to take it! I've chosen Cloisonné enamel technique for my first pendant but more pieces with other  enamel techniques are on the way :)

Cloisonné is an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects by fusing glass onto metal. It is a very specific and time consuming process but the end result can be spectacular and the colors will not fade because the material is glass.

For this piece I first made a patterned fine silver pendant, added fine silver cells (cloisons in French), filled them with different shades of blue greens enamels, made a number of successive firings to establish color control and hand polished the pendant to a glossy finish.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Elina - Golden Rutilated Quartz earrings and necklace set wire wrapped 14K gold filled. Handmade gemstone jewelry by Arctida.

One of my most favorite semiprecious gemstones to work with and to wear is Golden Rutilated Quartz. It looks like a frozen drop of water with small bars of imbedded gold. And when the light hits it just right all that gold explodes with tons of sparkles! oh and did you know what one of the names for Golden Rutile Quartz is Venus Hair Stone. The name is based on a beautiful legend. There was once Venus, goddess of love bathed in mountain springs. Having lost a lock of her golden hair, she returned to pick it up. But the time is a relative thing, what on Mount Olympus were only a few moments, on Earth were several months! The winter came and the water in the spring along with the hair was frozen. They looked so beautiful in the frozen water, so Venus decided to leave her wonderful hair, but turned the ice into a transparent stone first (from the Greek. "kristallus - ice) so that no one can take the hair of the goddess. And ever since that time people have found a clear crystal that holds the divine hair  of Venus. No wonder that gem is so beautiful! How can one not love the gem containg hair from the Goddess of Love?!

So here is my latest earrings and necklace set with Golden Rutilated Quartz and gold filled :)

Friday, November 17, 2017

Frost Ring - Tree Bark Ring handcarved textured sterling silver 960 and Cubic zirconia. Handmade metal clay jewelry by Arctida.

It is winter already in Northern Sweden, so its not surprisingly that my latest inspiration comes from frost covered tree branches. This time I've chosen to add a bit of bling bling, a round brilliant-cut Cubic zirconia that sparkles the same way frost does when the light hits it just right :) The ring is hand-carved from Precious Metal Clay Sterling 960. 

Friday, November 3, 2017

DIY Crystal Succulent garden - beautiful tabletop centerpiece

I love all kind of plants both indoors and outdoors, especially Succulents. I have a lot of different Succulent species at home and from time to time I like to make different home decor arrangements or Succulent gardens as they are called. Last week I decide to combine two of my passions Crystals and Succulents and show it here. So here it is, my miniature Crystal Succulent garden :)

If you wish to know how to make your own Succulent garden see my previous tutorial post with DIY instruction!

Eventually these little cuties will grow, divide, produce babies and they will need to be re-potted into a bigger bowl so they can look like this :)

   More of my DIY projects

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Friday, October 20, 2017

Cocktail Ring Paisley patterned fine silver 999 and Crystal Clear Quartz. Handmade metal clay jewelry by Arctida.

The holiday season is approaching and this time I wanted to make a statement ring that can be worn at the cocktail party. So here it is, the new addition to my ring collection. A Cocktail Ring with Paisley patterns, made of fine silver 999 (Precious Metal Clay) and faceted Crystal Clear Quartz.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Olga - Turquoise Kyanite Mint Chalcedony Sky Blue Topaz Citrine gold filled ombre necklace. Handmade jewelry by Arctida.

I've been making cluster gemstone necklaces for a while now and just wanted to show you my latest piece. This one is a custom order for a friend and colleague who wanted a summer inspired necklace :) The gems that I used are: Kyanite, Mint Chalcedony, Sky Blue Topaz, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Citrines all wire wrapped in 14K gold filled.

 and here is some of my previous gemstone cluster necklaces...

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Book locket necklace OOAK miniature ornate book pendant in oxidized fine silver. Handmade metal clay jewelry by Arctida.

The winter is coming... the days are getting colder and wetter and it is a perfect time to curl up into a ball in your favorite cozy nook with a book and a cup of hot beverage of some sort :) So I present to you my second hinged book locket from my new collection (here you can find the first one), inspired by the days just like that...

This two-sided book pendant with intricate ornate pattern on both front and back is made of Fine Silver Precious Metal Clay (PMC) 999.

I think this could be a perfect gift for a book lover of some sort, don't you think? :)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Karya - Tree Bark Ring handcarved textured open band sterling silver 960. Handmade metal clay jewelry by Arctida.

A lot has happened since January, the time of my last blog-post. We've moved to another town called Luleå. It has been a huge change in our lives moving from central Stockholm apartment to countryside house in the Northern Sweden :) My new garden, nearby forest, the sea and Northern Nature in general has inevitably influenced my new designs... in my new house I have a new studio so stay tuned as more of my lovelies are on the way :)

Here is the first one - hand carved Tree bark open ring made of sterling silver (Precious Metal Clay Sterling 960).
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